Where do I even begin? What does the end even look like?

As good as I am at putting myself out there, that has always been one of my deepest fears. Speaking and singing my truth, my words, for all to see, contemplate, and judge. More often than not I wonder if I'm even worthy enough to put myself on that platform, if I'm even ready. 

Here's what I don't need to wonder about: everything that I've been through in my life gives me fuel to want to be on that platform as much as I can, whether or not I deserve to be, whether or not I am ready to be. I've been through too much in my short time alive; I've remained silent through all of it. I'm tired of holding back. I'm going to sing about whatever I want, rap about whatever I want, write about whatever I want...

Say whatever the fuck I want.

I don't blame you if you decide that you don't want be part of my journey. If you do, just know that it will hurt. You will laugh, cry, question, doubt, trust, listen, and learn. Words can only do so much in expressing my gratitude for being on this journey with me, but here are two: Thank you.

–Marcus Drew


You're Gonna Carry That Weight.